February 23, 2017

A Trip Down Memory Lane…

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good old days pose

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could go back in time?

Go back to those first moments when you had just met the love of your life and wanted nothing more than to know everything about her. To rekindle that warm spark of instant attraction, that slow tentative feeling out process that delighted the senses and captivated your thoughts throughout the day… every day.

If you are anything like me you thought about her all the time after that first meeting. And the only worries were whether she actually liked you back, whether she would say yes if you asked her out again, and when you should go for that first kiss.

Now try and remember the wonderful details about how that warm spark of attraction flared into a passionate fire. That indescribably stunning sensation of pleasure the first time you slid inside her tight body, the clutching hands, hair slick with sweat, soft welcoming form underneath you, biting your shoulder in ecstasy each time you fill her to completion with your thick manhood.

How does that compare to today? Is it the same? Are you fully happy?

What happened between then and now to change a promising relationship into something so full of problems and taken for granted. What happened to degrade an amazing sex life to the point where weeks go by without any hint of passion, where sleep becomes more important than the intimacy between you and your partner, and where a man can’t simply be himself but needs to worry about whether he is going to be able to get it up for a woman who used to make him harder than he thought possible?

Well I’m going to tell you.

Age happens. Stress happens. Money problems happen. LIFE HAPPENS.

Incredible experiences turn into common everyday occurrences and as the novelty fades, habits form and dull, the amazing becomes the routine and it becomes a struggle to find the same level of excitement over time.

It’s a very natural process, and no one’s fault.

And to make matters worse, age takes a definite toll on the male body. Testosterone levels slip, libido decreases, circulatory issues reduce blood flow, heart problems arise that prevent going full speed. And if we do not keep ourselves in top condition by eating right with a well balanced diet, keeping our weight down, working out regularly, taking the right supplements, and doing all of the other thousand steps necessary to maintain our health, an inevitable decline is going to take place.

And it’s not only going to impact our physical well being, but create stress and depression, reduce the sex drive, and seriously hamper a man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection for the duration of a sexual encounter.

And to be honest, this often happens to younger men as well.

I know because I had to deal with it.

I’m not sure if any of you know but before I developed PHGH I was a male star in the adult film industry with over a hundred movies to my name. So I faced the added pressure of having my job on the line every time I dealt with the fact that my body wouldn’t respond properly, or I couldn’t get out of my own head to perform, or any of a thousand other issues that would arise.

And believe me, I wasn’t the only one. Most of the adult film stars on set waiting for the next scene were popping supplements and pills to be able to maintain their erections. It’s a little known fact that sex in the adult film industry quickly loses its luster under the pressure of deadlines, forced passion, professional requirements, and repetition. It faces many of the same issues a good relationship does, with the initial pleasure fading into habit, and dulling over time until it’s often just a job that needs to get done under the weight of a thousand other concerns.

So like the others, I tried the supplements and the pills. But they often had side effects like depression, hives, strange rashes, weird feelings, and some ugly symptoms I’m not even going to talk about. Suffice it to say I quickly decided that those pharmaceuticals and snake oil supplements were not for me.

When I got out of the industry I decided to create an alternative that would work for both younger and older men, and after years of research and development made PHGH available.

I wanted to give people back their relationships, their spark of attraction and flare of passionate love. I wanted to create something that would turn back the clock and allow the male body to perform as it once had when the newness of the lingering kiss, the soft touch, and the fierce lovemaking was fresh and untainted by any hints of habit or routine.

And while there is no supplement on the market that can actually give you the years back, or take away all the hardships that life piles up on a relationship, PHGH can give you the sexual drive of a younger man, and allow you to get a harder erection again… one that lasts.

That is why, in addition to providing a male enhancement supplement that actually works without all the side effects and symptoms, I write daily and weekly blogs. I want to be sure that I am doing my best to help you renew the passion and romance, to help you reconnect with your loved ones, to give you tips on how to break down the bland routines so that spontaneous attraction can again find its way back into your relationship.

And to give you helpful guides to sexual adventures (from an ex adult industry star) that will not only stir the embers of passion and bring that fire back to full life but remind you that although it’s good to remember the past fondly… it’s better to be in a good present with your partner.

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