February 27, 2017

Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia Review

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Whole Body Research - Garcinia Cambogia Review

Review: Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia

I have wanted to try out some Garcinia Cambogia for a few months now because the guy at the supplement store was telling me about it but every time I went to buy some, they were sold out. So I did some searching online and found that Whole Body Research had it in stock, so I decided to try it out.

It’s been called a weight loss “miracle herb” because in some recent clinical trials, it was shown to prevent the absorption of fat and also improve mood. Dr. Oz praised the supplement on his show for its ability to reduce fat without the need for dietary changes or exercise.

I wanted to check this stuff out because I’ve been having some trouble dropping the last bit of weight that’s around my belly and in my face.

When looking for a product to review, I decided to go by what Dr. Oz recommended which was only buying a product that contained more than 50% hydroxycitric acid, additional potassium for better processing by the liver, and no binders or fillers.

Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia was the most potent I could find at 60% HCL. It also contains potassium and is a vegetarian capsule with no animal by-products.


Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Potassium,

Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia Usage

Whole Body Research recommends that you take Garcinia Cambogia every day.


  • Prevents the absorption of fat
  • Improves overall mood
  • Reduces the likelihood of depressive binge eating


  • Might cause too rapid weight loss for some individuals

Would I recommend Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia?

After one month of using the Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia, I definitely noticed some effects. During this time I didn’t exercise or alter my diet, so I could see if it was the Garcinia that actually affected anything. And it did! Mostly in my midsection and face.

My girlfriend said the other day that she noticed I’ve been smiling more. It’s because I’ve been feeling better and making more health-conscious decisions when I go out to eat as well. I also finally broke my habit of late night snacking.

I think Garcinia Cambogia would be a good supplement for people that are feeling like they just can’t get their weight loss started, because after I began taking it, it seemed like no matter what I did, the extra pounds started to drop.

The Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia was a good supplement that I’d recommend because it exceeds the suggestions put forth by Dr. Oz for what makes a good Garcinia product and they don’t use any fillers or animal products.

You can find out more about Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia on the company’s website.

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Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia Review, 4.7 out of 5 based on 56 ratings


  1. Patt Taunton says:

    Awesome results. Usually any product interferes with my sleep pattern. I have not slept so well in years. Great energy level with a four lb wt loss in first week. Actually gave some to my adult grand-daughter. You must know as a RN without full confidence in the product, I would have never done that.

  2. The product i received was on time & the company tries to do their best to meet the customers needs. I will definitely recommend them in the future,because of their service & the quality of the product I received.

  3. Loretta Beharry says:

    VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE CUSTOMER SERVICE….When my shipment came, the bottles were broken, so I called and was able to speak with a gentleman who advised that they will re-ship…and they did. I now have my Garcinia Cambogia and I am just enjoying the results of what this AMAZING NATURAL weight loss product is doing for me. I have also recommended this product to a lot of my friends and family. I have done a lot of research on this product as well and found this from Whole Body Research to be the only one that has all the natural ingredients that Dr. Oz mentioned on his show.

    Thank you Whole Body Research for selling the authentic Garcinia Cambogia! Don’t be fooled by the scams out there. Check your ingredients like I did and now reaping the benefits. Very Happy Customer!!!

  4. Greetings,

    I have been taking the product for about one week. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not but the scale says I have lost 9 pounds!! I haven’t starting exercising yet. I’m eating a low carb diet. If this keeps up, I will literally be in “hog heaven!” Thanks for a wonderful product!! The delivery was fast. I could not be happier. I am telling EVERYONE I know!!

  5. I started product one week ago and I feel amazing. Definitely more energy than I have ever had before. Sleeping more soundly than I ever have and am anxious to see some results.

  6. Lynn Rollins says:

    only have been using for 2 weeks – the ordering and site were easy to use – have not changed my eating or workout habits – will see how it goes and post again

  7. I ordered Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia 2 weeks ago. Delivery time was super fast!!! Product seems to be of great quality…..10 days taking it as well as changing my diet…already have lost
    2 1/2 lbs……and actually feel great!!!!

    I will continue on my quest with Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia to lose these extra pounds!!!!

  8. I hAve been using this for two week and I can tell a huge difference in my belly and my mood. I would say it was a great natural way to weight lose and calming mood.

  9. I have only used the product for 10 days, but I have lose 6 pounds. And there have been no side effects. Great stuff!

  10. I have been taking this product for 2 weeks. I can honestly say that it has not only not curbed my appetite, but I am starving all the time. Although I have been eating more and not exercising at all. The scales have not changed. I have heard from some that this can take one month to start working. I hope it starts soon. I’m not giving up just yet.

  11. In three weeks.. 15 lbs’s!!! It’s craziness!! I got about a week left on my curt bottle and just orders 3 more. The price didn’t bother me and usually wood. But I feel great!! : )

  12. What I ment was I have a week left on my first bottle and just orders 3 more. Excellent : )

  13. Are there posts from anyone who has used the product, Whole Body Garcinia Cambogia, for an extended period of time, let’s say one or two months? Often weight loss the first/second week is due to water loss.

    Welcome any comments.

  14. I saw this product and did my research. I liked everything I read about this product and decided to give it a try. The ordering process was smooth and the delivery fast! I haven’t experienced any side effects and felt that I’ve been sleeping better at night and in a better mood during the day. I haven’t experienced any weight loss yet, but have only been taking this product for less than a week. I don’t want to lose that much weight only about 10lbs. and have reasonable expectations thus far!

  15. Judee Hanemann says:

    Unfortunately my shipment was backorder because of a great demand. It is finally on its way. I have tried 1 bottle of it so far and have lost 8 lbs in two weeks. I have also tried the body cleanse and really like it. I tell all my friends and family about it.

  16. I’ve only been taking this product about 1 week and I’ve been feeling alright, no side effects. The shipping was fast so we’ll see. I’ll post again when I start losing some weight! So excited!!

  17. Just started the product but no side effects yet. Packed on some weight with anti-depressants (how depressing!) and have been finding it hard to get back into better eating and exercise. This is just the kick start I needed and Whole Body Research was the only one that met all the recommended levels. I researched other brands but they didn’t match up

  18. I just began taking the product but after reading the specifics requirements for garcinia cambogia to work, this one fit the bill. I am excited to see the results.
    I am impressed with the customer service of Whole Body Research. My experience has been a good one.

  19. Was amazed at how fast our order was delivered. Have been using the product for just under a week so it is too early to describe any effectiveness yet. But I think purchasing through Whole Body Research is a good choice.

  20. Janine Lang says:

    I have been so excited about this product, that I have been telling everyone I know about it too! I have been on it now for about a month and I’ve lost 18lbs already! This has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I got tired of going back and forth to the stores looking for it so I went online and searched all the different companies and Wholesale Body Research had the exact amounts of everything I needed. Thank you Wholesale Body Research and thank you Dr. Oz for telling people all about this. I love the Dr. oz Show and I totally believe I this product. Very fast delivery as we’ll. I’ve spent a lot more money on products in my past that did absolutely nothing! I’m much happier now and starting to run up the stairs in my house now! I feel great so far and hoping to lose a lot more. 2 pills before breakfast and 2 pills before supper. I’m so excited! Janine

  21. I have been taking the product for 2 months and feel great! I don’t like going on the scale however i I know I lost weight! My jeans are no longer tight and I am fitting in cloths now that did not fit. I have a lot more energy and sleep like a baby. I would highly recommend this product .

  22. E Kantymir says:

    Nice to see less of me in some places. I have only used most of one bottle, but am eager to see what loss will come with the next-and the next if need be.

  23. Trudy Evans says:

    Have just started taking product after researching online. Needed a jump start to get back on track and stop snacking between meals and during night with insomnia. No noticeable results yet but hope they will come. Surgery for hernia and heel problems limits my exercising so hoping this product will help. Shipping and consumer support seems good.

  24. Both my husband and I have been taking both Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia Gambogia for a few weeks. I can’t give you a lbs. lost report because we promised not to get on the scales for a while, though I can say for certain that I visually see the improvement in my husband’s mid section and legs. I feel a leanness in myself also and can’t wait to add the Whole Body Research Raspberry Ketone. I also take the Keybotics. I guess anyone can be fooled but I have researched fully to find the best company and honestly feel that Whole Body Research has the purest ingredients. I am trying to order in a way to have a stock of products for the best price so I’ll post another review later after receiving my raspberry ketone and more green coffee bean.

  25. Very happy with the Garcinia Cambogia. Feel great and losing weight!

  26. Sharon Wright says:

    Great Product. I have been taking one week. I feel great and I’m losing weight and my appetite is decreasing.

  27. I am very pleased with the customer support, leadtime of receipt of product especially if product is in stock. The billing process and communications between me and Whole Body Research is great. They return calls as promised and continuously send emails on pros and cons of eating various foods, products and shipping information, etc.

    I am pleased with the product. I am losing inches more than weight at this time, which is a good thing.

  28. I received the product timely. The description of the product and how it works are true to what was written before I bought it. Will buy again.

  29. I have tried 2 other Garcinia Cambogia products – both with similar promises. This pure Garcinia Cambogia from Whole Body Research, seems to be living up to what it can do unlike the others. I have only been taking it for a few weeks. I feel better and more energetic – which i am acredditing to The Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia. I will continue to take this excellent product and see if my feelings of well being continue. The weight loss is slow in starting – but I feel my clothes getting looser.

  30. I have been on this product for 4 weeks. Total weight loss is 5 lbs along with 9″ overall !!!
    People are noticing and I feel fabulous !!!

  31. excellent product so far keeps you happy and feeling full while on a diet which is hard to do!

  32. Great product, after taking the product for 1 week, my wife’s total weight loss is 6 lbs. Nice!

  33. I think this product is helping with my belly fat… Not sure yet, so the jury is still out…. But honestly, people at work ask if I’ve lost weight…. Have not changed my eating habits and still exercise the same as always every day…. I seem to be feeling better… No doubt…

  34. It’s been one week and I have lost a little bit of weight and I look like an inch or so. I have decided I must diet in order to lose more or just give it more time. I do believe in the product, and have hopes for great results!

  35. I ordered Garcinia Cambogia from Whole Body Research. They shipped my order in great time and the product is exceptional! I will recommend them and the product to all my friends and family! Thanks Whole Body Research!!

  36. Its only been almost 2 weeks but I have noticed a positive difference in my overall bodily functions. So far so good! No negative side effects.

  37. Well…the jury is still out here too. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday after having taken this for about a week now. My jeans felt loose in the thigh verses the last time I wore them about 3 weeks ago. Not sure if this is just my imagination or not. I will say I haven’t taken 3 a day religiously, usually I manage to take at least 2 a day. I am hoping to start seeing more obvious results pretty quick.

    I HAVE noticed like several others I do seem to sleep better which is something I haven’t done in a very long time.

  38. I have the 5th Virus and have been in pain for 2 years until I started taking Joint StimuFlex. It WORKS!!! My hands and feet feel normal again. I recommend Whole Body Research to all of my friends and strangers.

  39. Durainey Rawls says:

    I placed an order for Garcinia Cambogia, one bottle and went back for the second order and ordered 6 bottles, best price. It is really good stuff, it helps with appetite control, mood control, it does pretty much everything that it states. I would recommend it, a very good product.

  40. Debbie Neyland says:

    I absolutely love Garcinia Cambogia. I agree with all of the above statements. I started taking these (one 30 minutes before meals) on Wednesday, Jan 1,2014. I weighed myself. A whopping 173.5 pounds. I am 5’4″ tall, 61 years old and on hormone replacement therapy. Nothing I’ve done has helped all these awful pounds I have put on since starting taking hormones. Well, thanks to Whole Body Research Garcinia Cambogia that has all changed now. Wednesday 1/1/2014 173.5 pounds, Thurs 1/2 172.5 pounds, Friday 1/3 171.5 pounds, Saturday 1/4 170.4 pounds, Sunday 169.6 pounds. I was thrilled (and still am). I however did stop dropping pounds Monday and Tuesday. I was also very constipated. I had forgotten a VERY important part of the instructions. DRINK one glass of water with pill. I started doing that and am very happy to report that today, Wednesday 1/8/2014, I am not constipated, I dropped another pound. ANd 1 inch in my waist. I feel great………. Not blurry headed or frazzled. I feel like I have backed up the clock 10 years. I am in a better mood and am sleeping much better. Thank you so much Whole Body for this awesome product. Now, I think I will get off my sofa and turn on a Jane Fonda exercise video. :)

  41. Fast delivery after online purchase. I appreciate the weekly emails from the founder. I have only been taking for a week..no side affects. My jeans are buttoning better!!!!

  42. Very satisfied have lost 5 pounds feel full of energy,well being increased after only 2 weeks it’s the real deal !

  43. jolenebeer says:

    great product didn’t get on thescale but i feel my core is thinner stomach feels flater it really does! been on pill for ( garacina cambodia) now since jan 9th so 10 days
    but now i am wondering don’t you need to give your body a rest from this after the 6 weeks? I mean you can’t stay on this for too long right? Will keep taking them till they are gone for the 6 week period. Am exercising to speed up results. no dieting.

  44. Very happy with the prompt service. Started using this product a week only 4 days ago.so have not had time for a complete review.
    More in 2 weeks.

  45. I received the product quickly and had no problems with ordering. I have just started taking it (day 2) so I am hoping for some positive results.

  46. I just started it. I have heard great reviews. I really want it to work and I think it will. It was easy to order, came quickly and is a good quality product. I have had no side effects to it. I am very optimistic!

  47. Kay Radley says:

    Ive been taking this product for a couple weeks now and i have so much more energy, and feeling wonderful. I have lost 4 pounds and i love it! Great speedy delivery too!

  48. I saw the product on Dr Oz and even though I do not truly trust Dr Oz and all he says. I am trying the product to see if it will help me loose my extra fat. I have only been on the product a week and have seen no weight loss but feel it is affecting how much I eat. Maybe I am filling up faster. You need to explain more just what will happen while on the product and how long before someone shows any difference.

  49. Earl Yoho says:

    Ordering was fast and easy and I received the products in a very timely fashion. I just started using the product but I notice how the appetite is suppressed.

  50. I have been using this product for a few weeks now. I have more energy and it has helped curb my appetite. I would recommend this product.

  51. I started taking the Garcinia Cambogia and my wife noticed I wasn’t eating very much and wanted to know what was the matter. I told her I started using the Garcinia Cambogia and just didn’t feel like I needed to eat that much and that I was feeling better. She decided to start taking it herself and found the same results. I guess I’m going to have to get me my own bottle.

  52. Awesome producd! I’ve lost 21.5 lbs. in 44 days with out excercising . I highly recommend it

  53. This is truly the best weapon I have found to take off the extra weight and keep it off.

    • Very satisfied, using this product about 1 month now. Follow the directions and you’ll
      get the feeling of being full with half the portion of normal at least for me it has.
      I had absolutely no side effect. I’ve lost 6 lbs. so far.

  54. Linda Bishop says:

    Love this product – great relief from hunger and cravings and feel full so much more easily. I have lost a few pounds and hope to see more come off in the near future. Very good customer service – and a really quality product. I have not noticed any negative side effects at all – and quite a few good ones.
    Thanks for making this available to us – great product!

  55. Vicki Dente says:

    I have only been on it for a couple of days but so far so good, I am noticing feeling full so much faster. The customer service is very good.

  56. Betty Bouchard says:

    Feb. 20,2014

    I got it for my friend who has a weight problem. She has taken it for one month & only lost 4 lbs.
    Not satisfied – what’s the next step to follow. Thank You

  57. john molinari says:

    I used the Garcinia Cambogia for the 1st month and while I cannot attribute my weight loss solely to the product I feel like it has helped. I will also say that I have no issues as far as the product and the way the company packaged and delivered it. I have lost approximately 20 lbs in the last month and a half, but I have also drastically reduced my sugar intake. The second months supply was back ordered and the company was very professional about it and sent me an email regarding the back order and offered my money back if interested. They told me the approximate date it would ship and sure enough it did just that and I ordered the Garcinia Cambogia and the Green Coffee Bean. I am looking to lose another 10-15 and I am confident I will do so. The prices are a little steep but I feel like its worth it.

  58. Today will only be 1 week taking the product and already down 2 pounds. Was previously cutting out refined foods and wasn’t losing so I am hopeful that with this incorporated into my daily routine, it will help in my goal of another 15 pd weight loss. Very happy with the prompt delivery.

  59. Arnold Divine says:

    This product is amazing….. It has curved my emotional eating….. I am NOT hungry !!!!!! Customer service is the best. Thank you

  60. Michelle says:

    Garcinia Cambogia really works! I’m 52 pounds lighter now and I love the way I look. It took one year to get it off. Yes I still am taking the garcinia also. Give it a try. Don’t give up.

  61. Cathy Kramme says:

    I have been taking this product since 29 October 2013. I’ve only lost 5lbs, however, I am staying with it in hopes there will be more to come. The one noticeable GOOD thing is how full I feel after eating much less than previously. Seems to be improving on my cravings as well. Good luck everyone!

  62. Nancy U says:

    Just started taking Whole Body Research products about three months ago. Ordering and shipping are fast and easy. I started with the Krill Oil and have just ordered this product. All of my research indicates that these are the best products on the market. Can’t wait to see what this does and will update my post in a few weeks.

  63. Donna Ghee says:

    I have only been on the product a few days, but so far so good. I will say the customer services is great!

  64. Donna Ghee says:

    I have only been on the product a few days, but so far so good. I will say the customer services is great! I love the fact that when new products come out they will send emails telling about it.

  65. Kim Gardenhire says:

    I have been taking this for one week. I feel like I am getting tired, but sleeping better. Only lost 2 lbs.not sure if it is because of the product or diet. CS is good and delivery time was good. The verdict is not in yet, I will give it a few more weeks.

  66. product came as indicated it would, been doing for 1 week, no change in weight but I feel something happening within my body.

  67. Tiffany Willard says:

    Like so many of us, we’re willing to try anything to lose that unwanted weight. Garcinia Cambogia by Whole Body Research is the real deal. If followed correctly, you’ll find a decrease in appetite, you’ll find that you’re eating less, you’ll find yourself with more energy and sleeping better.

    I encourage you to take this time to change your bad habits! Learn to eat healthy foods to fuel your body. This truly could help you make that once-and-for-all lifestyle change.

    Cheers to good health!


  68. Since I started taking the Keybiotics, and Garcinia Cambogia, I can hardly believe how GREAT I FEEL! I feel as if I am ALIVE! I have not felt this wonderful in almost 20 years. I am so very thankful to finally have the answers that I have been searching for and also for the products that Whole Body Research has created to help me heal from the candida parasite, which has ruined my life for the last 20 years and now I am finally getting it back. Thank you Whole Body Research.

  69. Barbara Hines says:

    Hands down the best product I have ever tried for losing weight! I highly recommend it!!

  70. Doris Gardner says:

    This comment will NEVER reach your comment section. The customer service department is a joke! I received my first order very quickly….started taking GC, Green coffee beans, key bionics,etc. I was on it for two months and lost a total of 8 pounds! NOT GOOD! Then when I placed an order on Feb 6, the whole deal fell apart. I talked to Tiffany, Doris , Carrie and Mary who each time told me my order would ship immediately. Guess what? I was billed on Feb 6 , paid my credit card bill and didn’t receive anything until March 11, 2014 and then received the original Feb 6 order (which had been cancelled). I was so disgusted I cancelled EVERYTHING. I was very excited, at first, but then I ran out of product and kept getting false promises as to why my shipments weren’t getting to me. I returned the last two boxes I received. I’ll see how long it takes to get a refund! Good luck to all!

  71. Bobby Vickery says:

    Hello Dear Reader,
    I left a lengthy message about my experiences with Whole Body Research Supplemental Products. My opinion is that WBR has nailed it down as far as quality, integrity, service, timely response, and with little that I know about WBR, I feel they are an honorable company for providing a quality product to the consumer.
    I became disabled at the age of 53, after over 35 years as a Journeyman Master Carpenter. I started in the days when a contractor didn’t have $50k machinery, sitting around to do what a man / woman had to do with his / her back and every muscle in his or her body. I live everyday in pain that is so severe, I sometimes vomit my food up after a meal.
    I have been too many Doctors who have said there is no way they would touch my back. Only one man gave me a glimmer of hope when I was consulted by him.
    He could see on my MRI by the muscle protrusion between my vertebrae’s I was a devoted Inversion Table user. I told him I have been using one everyday faithfully for over 15 years. I wore out my first one and now I’m working on my second. He told me to continue with my daily regimen. Eat healthy foods, continue with all the mobility possible, and above all don’t gain weight.
    That last part I failed miserably to the total of over 55 depressive pounds I cannot even starve off my body. I had my gall-bladder removed 2 years ago which has really thrown my digestive system out of whack. After trying some cheaper supplements, thinking their all the same and cheaper is better. Wrong dear reader. WBR puts nothing but good standardized products into their supplements. Cheap is exactly what it is. So I ordered my first products after I ran out of the cheap ones. And amazingly I feel better in three weeks. The Green Coffee Bean Extract takes away my craving for food on a constant basis. The weight is slowly falling off. And the Keybiotics immediately got my intestinal region to start working properly. When you enter that 50′s age, sitting on the throne and taking care of business sometimes two and three times a day is nothing short of victorious. I would go 3-5 days in misery before I started taking the Keybiotics.
    I’m hoping that WBR will eventually reach a point in production of their products, they will drop the prices down so those of us on a fixed income can by their products with no financial worries.
    I can get all the medications for my physical and emotional issues through a small co-pay anytime. But I strongly believe God intended for his creation, to rely on every plant and herb available to help our bodies perform at optimum efficiency.
    I cannot wait to wear clothing I haven’t warn in over three years. It will happen in time. Supplements, take time to fully bring your body back to its intended state. Be patient dear reader and take WB Research Products. I think they’ll be around for us a while.
    From the Golden Hammer:
    Have a Happy

  72. Jenna Demarco says:

    The product has made me lose a few inches in my waist and it’s only been over a week. My cravings have went down and my energy is stable and positive. I workout 5-6 days a week so I’m hoping that will speed up the process. I can’t wait to see the final results. I’m a happy camper!

  73. Kate Tighe says:

    I have been taking Garcinia Cambogia from another company for 2 months and didn’t lose an ounce, even with diet and exercise! Decided to give this product a try and feel better, have more energy and I have lost 4 pounds since starting it 2 weeks ago. I will definitely continue with Whole Body!

  74. Many husband and I have been using this supplement for almost two weeks, no results the first week, except extra trips to the bathroom! Now we are losing about a pound or two every day! This is THE best company to buy from, I’ve read all the consumer testing sites, and we are having great results. I think we’ll be buying from Whole Body Research for life! Thanks!

  75. Sarah Zigal says:

    This product has been AMAZING! Since I don’t take any medications regularly, I’m very sensitive to the effects (or side effects) of anything I take, so I felt this supplement almost immediately. It has worked wonders, even improving my overall mood! I don’t weigh myself, so I don’t know how many “lbs” I’ve lost so far. All I can say is that I can fit into jeans that were previously too small, and all the clothing that I had gotten too big for is now fitting again. I sleep better now, I’m not constantly over-eating, and my sugar cravings have dwindled significantly. I’ve been eating healthier, and I’m sure that’s helping too. I had already started that process before I purchased the Garcinia Cambogia. It took me a while to decide, and I did a lot of research before choosing this company to get it from. They have been wonderful thus far, and the purity of the product’s ingredients was unmatched. I’m over the moon with excitement about my results so far, and it’s just been almost two weeks! I highly recommend Whole Body Research’s Garcinia Cambogia!

  76. Fred Geworsky says:

    I started using Garcinia Cambogia 2 months ago but used a different brand for the first 4 weeks and found very little resuilts. Than I went on a web site and found the Top Recommended brand was Whole Body Research because they have the right combination Of HCA and the capsule has no fillers and each capsule has the recommended 1500mg. I have used Whole Body brand for the l;ast 4 weeks and have found great results. I didn’t change my ” poor dietary habits or improve any exercise as those methods combined have alwaysfailed in the past. I lost approx 6 lbs during this period and my wife who didn’t participate following the same poor diet and lack of exercise gained approx. 4 lbs. She may become a believer yet.

  77. Shirley Bourdow says:

    I could not believe how fast my product arrived. I have been on a low carb, low sugar eating way of living for over a year. I lost nearly fifty pounds and reached a plateau, and wanted a jump start. I’ve only been on GC for about a week and feel good, sleep better, have more energy. I turn seventy four next week and am so thrilled with this product. I have not shared my new find with anyone as I’m not sure if I have lost weight. I will be weighing in at my Dr.s appointment next week.

  78. I have been using the garcinia cambogia along with the Green Coffee Bean for a little over 2 weeks. I didn’t weigh myself before starting the products. When I started the products; I was wearing sizes 14-16 and just yesterday; I was trying on clothes and I am now down to a size 12! So far it is working great with curbing my appetite and I am not having any side effects! Looking forward to seeing how much weight loss I have and what size I am down to after using the products for a month.

  79. I purchased Garcinia Cambogia by Whole Body Research about 2 weeks ago, and so far have noticed I feel fuller faster. I work out regularly and eat healthy, but find I have trouble loosing weight because I’m an ‘emotional eater’. So far with taking Garcinia Cambogia I’ve been eating less and I’ve already lost 2 lbs! I feel this is a huge accomplishment as in total I would like to loose about 6 lbs. On my body that goes a long way, and seems so impossible to do on my own. I’ll leave another comment at the end of the month for a full update, but so far- SO GOOD!!

  80. Lisa Heinze says:

    Whole Body Research is a quality company offering a quality product. I was slightly hesitant to order on line, but found the process to be fast, easy and better than what I expected. The product was delivered quickly 5 days from ordering. I have lost weight with the product and have reordered, the best testiomny for a company and an product. Very happy customer.

  81. Ryan Alms says:

    This is the best product I have ever tried and it worked. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months!

  82. I have been on GC one week. I have been on the Keybiotics 2 months. My eating is under control and my clothes fit a little better. I want to loose 25 pounds and loose my under arms, belly and inner thigh. I will let you know later how it’s going. But I can say that up to this point I have not had any bad effects, that is what has happened in the past. Side effects made me give up other products in the past. So far so good.
    Love what the company does, how they do it and the information they put out!

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